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Paul Dansker Discussing common Types of Personal Injury Claims

Paul Dansker is one of the most preferred personal injury lawyers in New York. He has the knowledge, expertise, and experience to determine if your personal injury claim has merit and how best to proceed.


Mr. Dansker states that personal injury applies to physical, emotional, or metal injury to an individual rather than to property. When an individual has suffered some form of personal injury it is usually insinuated that it has occurred due to another individuals' negligence. Those that are filing a personal injury lawsuit often hire personal injury attorneys. For people that have experienced personal injury, they should look to hire a personal injury attorney Dansker & Aspromonte Associates. This attorney can help you receive compensations from your personal injury lawsuit.


There are many different types of personal injuries but the most common one from personal injury claims are road traffic accidents. Other common types of personal injury claims include work accidents, tripping accidents, assault claims, and accidents that occur in the home. There are also personal injury claims that are consider to be product liability claims that have to do with a product's defects. Holiday accidents are another common type of personal injury claim.


Medical and dental injuries are also considered to be a personal injury and can be a reason to file a claim. These personal injury claims can be classified as a medical negligence claim and include what are called industrial disease cases or claims. These claims often arise from poor or unsafe working conditions. An unsafe work area can not only result in injuries at the job but can also lead to deafness caused from working within close proximity to loud machinery without the proper ear protection. Another personal injury claim often reported by workers is occupational stress that can be caused from working in a stressful environment. Other types of personal injury claims that are related to medical or dental accidents include asbestosis and mesothelioma cases, also various types of chest diseases are common like emphysema, pneumoconiosis, silicosis, bronchitis, and asthma. Individuals may also file for contact dermatitis and strain injuries that occur repeatedly.


An individual that files a personal injury claim may be entitled to monetary compensation depending on the intent or negligence that resulted in their injury. Monetary compensations are usually in the form of a settlement or by a judgment. Your personal injury attorney can assist you with filing and negotiating a settlement if that is an option. Many personal injury attorneys only collect a fee if the individual that is filing the personal injury claim wins and are awarded compensation for their injuries. The attorneys often take a percentage of the compensation and only receive payment once the case has been fully resolved and the compensation awarded. However, if the case is not won then the personal injury attorney does not receive payment. Some personal injury cases can last for years before being resolved and the individual filing the claim may not receive their compensation in one lump sum amount. In some cases the compensation may come in smaller payments over a period of time with the attorney taking their percentage from the lump sum before it is dispersed.


Personal injury claims often result in damages the phrase damages paid may be familiar as damages are an award usually in a monetary form. Damages can be either special or general. Special damages are costs that can be measured like hospital bills, earnings lost from being sick or injured, and property damages which are common in traffic personal injury claims. General damages are things that cannot be measured like pain and suffering, emotional suffering, and undue hardships. Although they may not be measurable they are justifiable in many personal injury claims. If the injury is severe enough than the compensation will likely be more than a smaller less severe injury which will not be awarded as much as a more severe injury. A severe injury might be classified as broken bones, severed limbs, brain damage, paralysis, or other injuries that will cause intense physical, emotional, or mental pain. These types of injuries often receive the highest personal injury settlements and compensations. Less severe injuries like a sprain, minor cuts, or other injuries that will heal quicker and will not result in any permanent damage either physically, emotionally, or mental do not often receive a large compensation. In some cases if an individual is injured on the job and cannot perform their duties for an extended period of time and the employer is the one that was negligent than the individual filing the personal injury claim can be compensated in the sum of what they would be making if they were working plus other compensations.


There are often time limitations when filing a personal injury claim; however, it differs from state to state. These time limitations also take into account what type of personal injury claim you are filing. In some states, you much file a car accident personal injury claim within two years of the injury happening. If you are thinking of filing a claim, check your states Statute of Limitations to see how long you have to file or if you are too late to file. You can also have a personal injury attorney help you file your claim.


It is very easy to find a personal injury attorney that can help you file and help you with your personal injury claims. A personal injury attorney can help you with your claims. The first step is often to have a consultation these are usually free and are simply so the attorney can look over your claim and see if there are grounds for them to take your claim to court and get you compensations. A personal injury attorney can sit down with you and go over your claim for free and help you come up with a game plan and they often have different financial options for paying for their services. There are many different personal injury attorneys in the area that can assist you in filing your claim and help you to collect your compensation and they will assist you with any questions you may have about filing a personal injury claim.


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